Group 1 and 2

Episode 17: A Once and Future Thing

Back to the future

After a strange and disturbing dream Malchus has, the group heal up and leave south. The ice bridge is twice as thick as before (hint hint). Without much incident, or a constant thunderstorm, they return to Camp Icebreaker to find that the camp’s population has more than doubled. Strangely enough, Jarahk is looked at with distasteful eyes; moreso than the Dragonborn, Minotaur and Tiefling. As they enter the familiar bar, the team is largely confused until the bartender briefly explains their hatred of Warforged. An apparent war that began some time ago which shocks the adventurers as well as the bartender since this is common knowledge.

The food isn’t as questionable as before and the group confronts the bartender once more. Ironhide waits outside with his handy rape whistle. Drakonis buys a large plate of grapes in the meantime. They question Larry the bartender where the two suspicious “hunters” they had seen before were. He tells them he hadn’t met or heard of any hunters of their names through all his time in Camp Icebreaker. Drakonis fears the worst, asking the year. Slightly astounded, the bartender gives an answer 17 years ahead of their “past” time. Drakonis realizes the orb had something to do with it. They argue for about 15 minutes and decide to spend a few more days traveling back to the tomb and take the orb. They safely return to Camp Icebreaker and sleep the night.

On the way to WinterHaven, they encounter a troop of Warforged with red and black scimitars embellished with curious markings alongside a monstrous Titan Warforged.


Ironhide pockets a uniform and they arrive at WinterHaven. It has grown and the wooden walls are replaced with stone walls and highly defensive guard towers. They are searched at the gate and the uniform is found. They are escorted to the town hall. There they read ‘The Last Decade’ which tells of OverDale becoming OverWatch and a propagandist image, captioned “Malchus’ folly”. At last they meet Talia and her husband, who are both shocked to see them, and her husband turns his remaining hand into a fist. Dun dun dunnnnnn!



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