Group 1 and 2

Episode 18


The group rejoins the story in rickey
carts in the sweltering heat, being shipped off to slavers. Trixy says she hates Galford, and he lets out a lot and that the group is destined to be together. Tholomin let’s the fact that he is a Robin Hood out, and that’s it for talking. After a few days on cart they arrive on these huge doors leading into a sandstone city. The carts smooth out on paved roads as they are lead to the back of the city and to the back of a colosseum. Then, single file, they are shoved down a ramp into a damp dungeon. Here they find 2 females and a large tiethling. Baranith greets the females and the guys unsuccessfully greet vallus. Here they learn about the town and that they are in a tournament for their freedom. After a while the group is brought out of the cell and are split up. The boys go further into the complex and the girls go to the arena. In the arena, Trixy, Tala and Baranith make short work of the eight cavemen that they face. Meanwhile Galford, Rikus and Tholomin are sent on clean up duty where Shane makes a bad choice in saying “make me” to the guard, dodges 1 attack, then gets gangbanged and loses 15 HP. He stops resisting and they throw some dead bodies into an incinerator. That’s it for day one in the colosseum, they all meet back in the cell and share stories. Tholomin tries to get some extra straw from Valus, once again unsuccessful. They have an uneasy sleep and wake up the next morning to face their next challenge. The guards escort them all to the arena for the fight. They all get ready to fight whatever or whoever comes out the gate, and when it opens, nothing appears! A few moments later it shuts. The team tries a number of checks and don’t sense anything. All of a sudden Trixy and Galford are attacked! As soon as the creature hits, it unveils the true nature of the monster. Two giant jello cubes! After at least a dozen engulfings, they manage to slay the foul beasts and are put back in cells.



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