Group 1 and 2

Episode 19: "Friends and Foes"

Geeeet uut yer fuckin' werfurge!

Ian and Talia are shocked to see the group. After questioning the group about the time warp, Talia gives the history of the last 17 years to them. After the signing the treaty.

All the towns around OverDale were forcibly evacuated by Carter and the trees cut down to see for miles around the city. He was paranoid and locked down what was from then on known as OverWatch. The citizens wanted to leave but were killed if they tried. The regions around them banded together to fight for their freedom. Wars were fought and the liberators were winning, but then Carter became desperate.

He employed Mages from a far away city to create the perfect group of fighters: completely obedient Warforged.The tide turned back around and OverWatch won. Resistance was crushed and Carter named himself king. WinterHaven had been sieged, and so the walls were converted from wood to stone; a once tranquil town, now a fearful military settlement.

A young late teen comes through the door and is introduced as their son. Talia says he would be 17 in a few months and Thoril starts freaking out about “Ian’s” kid, Nathaniel. They all think that it is Thoril’s son.

Talia turns to Ian and tells him to tell the group. He lets out that after he lost his hand, he sought out the same Witch they had gone to to help Thoril. He was told to find a girl that had recently gone to her cabin because the Witch had sensed great power in her. He found Brie and performed the ritual on her, releasing the Shadowhounds into her village.

He ran after her as she lost herself in the woods, regretting casting the spell and trying to save her. He arrived to see the team saving her and decided to not get involved. He goes back to more recently, during the siege, where Martin died and Brie ran away. He then leaves the room, saying that he needed to finish some paperwork.

Once they had digested this new information, they spoke more with Talia. Yenward reveals that the “carrier pigeon” which came out of the Titan Warforged from their last battle escaped and she buries her face in her hands. She tells them to meet Ian in his study then have a town meeting announcing the return of the famed heroes afterwards.

The party meet Ian in his study and have a talk that ends with him wanting a carrier pigeon so that they can learn more about the enemy. Learning that the carrier pigeon sends information about the Warforged patrols, Malchus devises a clever plan to attack a patrol to the East so that it appeared that the last attack had some direction and WinterHaven wasn’t to blame.

After being given the mission to capture a carrier pigeon and/or divert the attention of OverWatch, Talia introduces the town to the long lost Knights of WinterHaven and Malchus delivers a great speech. After the fairly weak applause, a random potato comes flying out of the crowd from a drunk, hitting Ironhide right in the noggin.
He shouts
“Geeeet uut yer fuckin’ werfurge!” The crowd gives him a wide berth and he looks around like ‘what? You guys aren’t with me?’ and strides menacingly to the porch where Ironhide stands. Malchus puts himself between Ironhide and the drunk, trying to intimidate him off. Ironhide isn’t very happy about the moment being stolen from him and drunk tosses Malchus onto the man.

Malchus jumps back up and charges right in front of Ironhide. Malchus draws his blade of annihilation. Ironhide draws his own sword. Rodswell gets in between them and attempts to stop the fight. Malchus stomps off to a bar and the rest disperse while Rodswell does his best reassure the town. After courteously bowing, Yenward witnesses Drakonis cough up blood and promises him not to say anything. Rodswell confronts and comforts Malchus and they all rest for the night.

The next morning Yenward buys some Health Potions and they head out to commence their plan. On the way to the patrol, they are ambushed by a half-Orc and his band of droughs. They make short work of them with some lucky crits and the only major damage is Drakonis being bloodied. After the fight they find that they were all wearing armbands embellished with white birds. Out of the bushes, Lenore the Vampire Hunter emerges. She isn’t all too disheartened when she realises that they had beaten her fighters. She invites them back to her base. They walk through the trees and find a well hidden cave, where Lenore introduces them to an old friend. A blast sends Malchus flying, and a familiar voice says, “Hi Malky.”



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