Group 1 and 2

Episode 2: "A New Day"

Episode 2:
Characters of this episode: Thoril Songsteal, Trias Draverson, Raphael (Shane), Shavar the Mage (Justin) and Adecall the Druid (Double A)

Asked to leave at arrow point, Thoril and Trias head south from Winterhaven, while on the road they complain about having to save that “Dumb robot”, refering to Shavar. The duo find a new city called OverDale.

Thoril and Trias enter the city grounds of OverDale. Most of the jobs in OverDale have been filled. Jobs like farmers, blacksmiths things of that nature are taken. The duo don’t have many skills other than being trained killers.

Thoril and Trias took refuge in an old dirty stable, the biggest place they could afford. They both get to work on cleaning up the stable to a good enough status for living.

Thoril and Trias begin to tell the town’s folk of their grandeur adventures. During a period of time, after hearing the two’s adventures, they gain great respect from the town’s folk. The duo declare themselves the “Champions of OverDale” and if anyone had problems, they would take care of it.

Thoril and Trias become gods in OverDale, everything becomes free to them, from lodging, food, drink, to free weapons from the blacksmith. Despite how well protected OverDale is, the Major decides to make them part of their town’s guard.

Thoril and Trias decide to take on three apprentices; Raphael, Shavar and Adecall. The three rookies think very highly of Thoril and Trias. They all live in the stable for six months with nothing happening in town.

One Day, the Major’s aide come to the group, about several of abducted farmers and herdsmen. The aide tells you that they have traced it back to a large cave, behind the waterfall. A group of vampires live in the cave. Despite the fact that the group is part of OverDale’s town guard, the Major is going to be generous. He will pay them 1000 gold to take care of the vampire problem and if possible, save the town’s people.

The group accept the quest and head down to the cave entrance. They enter the pitch black cave. They see an old cabin off to the side and the cave splits into three ways. One path that is straight forward, and two on either side of the first path. Trias uses one of his powers called “Sun’s Glow” to light up a very small portion of the cave that surrounds the group. Thoril scans the cave, using his awareness to spot any traps (Dungeoneering check roll: 13). Thoril sees no signs of any traps or anything of that nature directing in front of the group. Shavar also uses his scanning ability to search for traps (Dungeoneering check roll: 9) but he finds nothing. Shavar approaches the old cabin, inspecting it up and down (History check roll: low) he finds nothing.

The group decide to move on, taking the straight forward path. It takes them to another almost pitch black room. There is enough light for the group to make out three doorways, two on one side and the third at the far end of the room. The group try to open the first door on the left, only to find that it’s locked but they notice that the other door on the right is ajar. Raphael attempts to use his lock picking skills to open the door on the left (Thievery check roll: 13) .Raphael’s lock pick snaps in half. Shavar suggests that maybe he should try and intimidate the door. Thoril tells Raphael to step aside, watch and learn. Thoril takes out his lock picking kit and attempts to unlock the door (Thievery check roll: 18 or higher). The group hears a metal-like click and the door is unlocked. The group open the door and enter the room.

They are standing in a small hallway that leads into an small open room. In the middle of the room, sits a coffin with four spikes put through it. The coffin is the only visible thing in the room. Trias inspects the coffin from afar (Passive Perspection Check). Trias finds that the coffin looks like a symbol of remembrance of some one or thing. Trias also finds that the coffin is being used as more of a storage chest. Shavar suggests that they set the coffin on fire. Shavar decides to cast more light (Power: Light) on the coffin before making any drastic decisions. Light floods the coffin and a small area around it. The group now see that the coffin is coated in blood and the spikes now look like they’ve been hammered inside the coffin. They also notice a lock on the outside of the coffin. The group figure out that there must be something of value inside of the coffin.

Raphael walks up to the coffin, taking out his lock picking kit once again (Thievery Check Roll: Low ). Once again, Raphael fails miserably at picking the lock. Thoril walks up to the coffin and tries to pick the lock (Thievery Check Roll: Low). Thoril also fails at picking the lock. Both Raphael and Thoril look at each other, stumped. Raphael suggests figuring out the religion of the coffin, the rest of the group laugh at him. Shavar decides to examine the coffin in detail, scanning up and down the coffin looking for any signs that may help them (History Check Roll: 12). Shavar figures out that a vampire must of used this coffin at one point in time. Judging by huge smears of blood covering it and the spikes hammered deeply inside the coffin, he pieces together that it may have gone bad for the vampire.

Thoril takes out his huge battle axe and swings at the coffin’s lock (Attack Roll: 20). The axe makes a huge CLANG sound on the lock, which creates a spark and in turn, ignites the room. The group are taken aback by the suddenness of the fire that floods the room (Adecall, Raphael, Shavar and Trias take -5 damage). Thoril remains unaffected by the fire. After the fire subsides, the coffin has turned into a burnt mess, the lid tossed to the other side of the room but the treasure inside remains untouched. The group take the sacks of gold coins that were inside the coffin (they receive 300 gold). Shavar yells at the rest of the group, declaring that the gold is his. The group decides to move on from the room, back out of the small hallway into the previous room. The group decide to open the door at the far side of the room.

As the group approach the door, four vampire spawns (small, weak vampires) jump out of the shadows. The group get ready for battle.


After the fight, the group heal up (Shavar uses 1 healing surge, Raphael uses 4, Adecall uses 1) and reform. (Jay leaves) The group continue on to the door on the far side of the room (before they got attacked). The next room has a huge lava crevasse in the middle of it with a vampire lord and other vampires on the other side. Raphael readies himself to make the jump over the lava crevasse (Aerobatics Check Roll: 12). Raphael barely clears the crevasse, one of his feet slip and touch the lava, he screams out in pain (Raphael takes -5 damage). Thoril prepares himself to jump the gap also (Aerobatics Check Roll: 28). Thoril sprints at the gap, jumps in the air doing a triple front flip and lands safely on the other side. Adecall turns into a bat and clears the crevasse. Shavar backs up and run at the gap (Aerobatics Check Roll: 19). He clears the gap safely. Once they are all on the other side of the crevasse, the vampire lord and his minions attack the group. It seems like the group of vampires with the lord are the farmers that have gone missing.

Fight (Jay returns in the middle of the fight)

Vampire lord and spawns are dead, the group loots their bodies. It is presumed that Shavar and Adecall disband from the group and Raphael dies in the cave.

Written by Jake Mullan.



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