Group 1 and 2

Episode 3: The Elven Forest

Rabid Elves

Episode 3
The group emerges from the vampire lair, the ‘group’ being Thoril and Trias, and meet up with Sir Ironhide, Sir Malchus, and Sir Duncan. They chat about Ironhide finding then eating his toaster and egg beater children.

As they approach OverDale, Ian Serverus, the captain of the guard greets them with disdain. He describes an attack by a group of elves and orders them into the woods to investigate. After they had cleaned themselves up after their long journey or vampire showdown, they leave OverDale and enter the Elven woods.

Ian leads his men down one path, leaving the group to choose another. Although he was instructed to bring them with him by the King, he wasn’t under obligation for them to investigate the forest together.

After doing many checks, the adventurers arrive in the next clearing. A bunch of rabid elves jump out and the battle begins. After a few bad rolls and slow turns including Malchus’ 1 turn KO against an elf and Ironhide’s fall. They loot the corpses for some obsidian daggers and a few spare coins.

They then find a much younger elf sniveling in the brush. He says his name is Finway, and explains that a well in the center of his tribe has been tainted. They intimidate him to the point of bawling and sobbing. He hands 2 sacks to Duncan, one filled with herbs, the other filled with rare and valuable gems. He explains that these herbs are to be used for a small ritual to purify the waters of the well once more. Finway runs off to the remaining tribe and the group find the well. They fight a few more elves and arrive at the well. There they add the herbs and fight a bear! As soon as they beat it, the episode ends.



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