Group 1 and 2

Episode 4

Meat on the table

Episode 4
Starting the session in their stable, the adventures find it completely renovated. Jason explains that OverDale is having their yearly Tournament of Champions that consists of 4 rounds that get harder and harder but they would be payed handsomely and they could back out at any time. He says that Ian insisted on participating in the tournament with his four best men against them to prove his (diminishing) worth for the town. The first round is a pack of 6 wolves, and the group has little to no problem dealing with the mangy mutts. The next round is against some ‘poor, innocent, flower-giving’ orcs. The battlefield has huge death pits with ankle snatching chains that drag players to their doom. The orcs are caught by these chains more than the adventures,(Jason complains about it a lot) and the team has almost an easier time defeating them than they had with the wolves, but their hearts aren’t in it. They vow to confront the mayor about the slavery problems of OverDale. After a quick rest they decide to go on to round three after hearing that Ian had too. They fight 3 great apes that only rape and are feed entirely by hatred on a field with boiling tar and electric lines. They fail to take control of any of the apes (Nobody tries very hard anyway). After the round Tom went to make a sandwic-MEAT ON THE TABLE and they continue on to round four. They find themselves facing a giant purple wurm that loves Tyler’s dick. After swallowing him twice, the adventurers celebrate quickly because of Tyler’s job.



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