A small 9 year old girl


After the Tournament of Champions the group began making their way to the Swamps of Yemgar in search of a Witch who could allegedly cure Thoril of his metamorphosis.
Deep in the swamp after a fight they found Briahna. She was completely lost, separated from her family. They decided to bring Brie with them since time was of the essence for Thoril. For the sake of speed she was put onto Jarahk’s shoulders. Briahna was completely fine with everything asked of her and even developed a friendship with Malchus

After one more encounter they made it to the Witch’s hut. She explains that the only way that she could cure Thoril was to sacrifice the blood of an innocent, obviously asking Brie to be in another room.

After deciding to live with Thoril’s vampirism, Brie was returned to her home village and were met with great hospitality, especially from Brie’s father, Martin.

Months after, they left OverDale for indefinitely. On their way back to WinterHaven they encountered nightmarish shadow wolves who vanished in and out of existence. After defeating them they found Brie once more lying unconscious on the floor, sustaining small cuts and bruises all over her body.

They quickly returned back to her village once again, Martin even more in debt to them. He explained that Brie had been suffering from awful nightmares which had visibly gotten worse day by day. After a quick rest they brought Brie outside and a monstrous demon poured out of her. It conjured a shadow replica of Duncan, which neither Malchus nor Rodswell responded well to.
In any case, they were able to vanquish the beast and the following day Brie made a vast recovery.

The group left Brie’s village the following day due to the OverDale crisis, but Malchus promised he would visit. They had grown a strong connection and Brie called him ‘Malchy’.

After a few months Brie and her family along with hundreds, possibly thousands of displaced villagers traveled to WinterHaven due to OverDale forcing them out. Brie immediately ran towards Malchus, embracing him like it had been years.

The morning after, Malchus said goodbye to Brie again saying they had to go North to sort something out. He was obviously talking about Drock’s Tomb which they had been planning to find for many months, probably over a year when they had been given The Book of Drock.

17 Years Later

After leaving to commence their plan to take down an OverWatch Warforged patrol East of WinterHaven, the party encountered a small ragtag team who were dispatched fairly quickly. They were lead by Liara the ex-vampire hunter to an inconspicuous cave.

They then met Briahna, now with raven black hair draped over half of her face and a skinny figure. She merely said “Hi, Malchy” after knocking him prone with a blast of Psionic Energy.


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