Duncan Joybottom

Duncan was a Dwarven Bard played by Dan


Duncan was a dwarven bard who from birth believed Rodswell Joybottom was his true father, but as he grew up (or rather didn’t) he realized that he was wholly dwarven.
He grew up as a bard since most of his family were also bards, learning the way of the lute, voice and fist bumps.

He began ‘adventuring’ with the group, but always felt slightly useless even though his songs and words of courage boosted his teammates’ morale. Although he was absurdly headstrong, that might have been why he died.

Because of his smallish weight he decided to cross the bridge during the Black Hand’s mission. He pushed forward onto the weakened bridge, but he pushed himself too far. He fell to his demise on a two minute freefall into the black abyss, just after staring into the eyes of his beloved friend, Malchus Grimnus.

Some speculate that he is still alive, but that he suffered from amnesia and has completely forgotten who he is.

When the group returned to WinterHaven they discovered that a band who go by the name of Bottomless Pit had formed, covering songs that Duncan had sung and even wrote tributes to him.

17 Years Later

Duncan’s remains were retrieved from the chasm and rested in the crypt below WinterHaven Hall along with Lord Padraig and a statue was erected in honour of his valiant efforts as a Knight of WinterHaven.

Duncan Joybottom

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