Jarahk Ironhide

Jahvak is a Warforged Swordmage played by Justin


Ironhide’s origins are still unknown. He joined a group of adventurers to seek battle and protect the innocent. Ironhide is quick to charge into battle and will often suggest a more dangerous route if that means there will be bloodshed or right what he sees as a wrong. Ironhide also fathered at least two children (the exact number is unknown). Early in his adventuring days his goal was to reunite with them. He eventually did just that. He then promptly eat them so they “Would always be near him”.

He will frequently argue with the more level headed members of the group, most notably Malchus. He is a skilled swordsman and can charge his attacks with elemental properties.

During the disputes with the city of OverDale, Ironhide would very often suggest an outright takeover of the city. He would often butt heads with the other party members and even during peace talks with Father Zannon Carter (The Mayor of OverDale) he would suggest that “They just kill him and get it over with”.

During the growth of WinterHaven, Ironhide helped train the solders there and helped prepare them for city defense.

Jarahk Ironhide

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