Thoril Songsteal

Thoril is a vampire played by Tyler


Thoril’s life has not been easy. He started as a young adventurer looking for fame, fortune and glory. He was well attuned to nature and as such made an excellent ranger. He joined a group and set out to make his way. He was almost immediately recognized as the groups “heavy hitter”. He could rend and slash a foe down with ease with his axes. He could also tame wild creatures, a skill that would come in handy…most of the time.

Then a series of misfortunes occurred that changed Thoril’s life forever. After rescuing Lord Padraig’s daughter (Talia) from The Cult of Orcus the group was to be knighted. In the middle of the ceremony a drake that had been tamed by Thoril, saw the blade being placed upon his shoulder as an attack and charged the city. After causing quite a bit of damage, Thoril and Trias were asked to leave.

Thoril then met up with another group and started working for the city of OverDale doing freelance work. On the groups first large mission they were sent into the caves beneath the city to deal with a group of vampires there. During the fight, Thoril was bitten by a Vampire Lord. He was eventually forced to make a decision. On a quest to rid himself of the curse the group traveled deep into the swamps of Yemgar to speak with a witch there. They met a young girl named Briahna who had been lost in the swamps at night. The witch dealt in blood magic, and could only cure Thoril by spilling an innocents blood. The group decided to spare the girl and take her back home safely. Since that day Thoril has been cursed to live life as a vampire.

He has withdrawn from most normal people as a result. Thoril has also become apathetic to situations that surround him. Often staying away from everyone and hiding in attics or cellars. He also changed his fighting style and signature weapons. He dresses in dark colors and now uses twin gauntlets with sharpened fingernails attached to them. With his enhanced power and stealth came an overwhelming need to feed. On more than one occasion Thoril has been overtaken with this need and sprang on both people and monsters. Once this happens he is almost unstoppable.

But in the latest boss battle, against the famous Drock, an unlikely turn of events that begins with the enemy gaining 20 HP using the rare Pearl. It sends his dying, rag-doll body flying into a collection of decorative hand axes that come crashing into the ground with him. Jason then appropriately inserts ‘the touch’ as he rises with a surge of long lost life-force. Using his 2 hand axes, ( as some would call OP) and kills the boss, and shattering the orb of time, sends them 17 years in the future.

Thoril Songsteal

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