Orb of Light

Rodswell obtained it from Drock


Extremely rare and powerful holy relic. This artifact is a huge pearl, and heals 20 HP when used. It turned Thoril back into a human.
Luminous pearl
Speak supernal and read supernal ( undead language)
Off-hand weapon
+2 holy item on top of your weapons
If you crit, +2d6 radiant damage. If the creature is undead it’s a +2d10 radiant damage
Constantly speaking to you
If you protect or kill undead it gives you +1
If you lose or run from undead it gives you negative buffs


The Orb of Light has a mind of its own. It gives good bonuses when you kill undead, almost hungers for it, and negative buffs if you choose to steer clear. It will talk to only the person holding it, through telekinesis. It has chosen rodswell as its champion.
Kind of like Andy the bomb from red vs blue

Orb of Light

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