Group 1 and 2

Episode 19: "Friends and Foes"
Geeeet uut yer fuckin' werfurge!

Ian and Talia are shocked to see the group. After questioning the group about the time warp, Talia gives the history of the last 17 years to them. After the signing the treaty.

All the towns around OverDale were forcibly evacuated by Carter and the trees cut down to see for miles around the city. He was paranoid and locked down what was from then on known as OverWatch. The citizens wanted to leave but were killed if they tried. The regions around them banded together to fight for their freedom. Wars were fought and the liberators were winning, but then Carter became desperate.

He employed Mages from a far away city to create the perfect group of fighters: completely obedient Warforged.The tide turned back around and OverWatch won. Resistance was crushed and Carter named himself king. WinterHaven had been sieged, and so the walls were converted from wood to stone; a once tranquil town, now a fearful military settlement.

A young late teen comes through the door and is introduced as their son. Talia says he would be 17 in a few months and Thoril starts freaking out about “Ian’s” kid, Nathaniel. They all think that it is Thoril’s son.

Talia turns to Ian and tells him to tell the group. He lets out that after he lost his hand, he sought out the same Witch they had gone to to help Thoril. He was told to find a girl that had recently gone to her cabin because the Witch had sensed great power in her. He found Brie and performed the ritual on her, releasing the Shadowhounds into her village.

He ran after her as she lost herself in the woods, regretting casting the spell and trying to save her. He arrived to see the team saving her and decided to not get involved. He goes back to more recently, during the siege, where Martin died and Brie ran away. He then leaves the room, saying that he needed to finish some paperwork.

Once they had digested this new information, they spoke more with Talia. Yenward reveals that the “carrier pigeon” which came out of the Titan Warforged from their last battle escaped and she buries her face in her hands. She tells them to meet Ian in his study then have a town meeting announcing the return of the famed heroes afterwards.

The party meet Ian in his study and have a talk that ends with him wanting a carrier pigeon so that they can learn more about the enemy. Learning that the carrier pigeon sends information about the Warforged patrols, Malchus devises a clever plan to attack a patrol to the East so that it appeared that the last attack had some direction and WinterHaven wasn’t to blame.

After being given the mission to capture a carrier pigeon and/or divert the attention of OverWatch, Talia introduces the town to the long lost Knights of WinterHaven and Malchus delivers a great speech. After the fairly weak applause, a random potato comes flying out of the crowd from a drunk, hitting Ironhide right in the noggin.
He shouts
“Geeeet uut yer fuckin’ werfurge!” The crowd gives him a wide berth and he looks around like ‘what? You guys aren’t with me?’ and strides menacingly to the porch where Ironhide stands. Malchus puts himself between Ironhide and the drunk, trying to intimidate him off. Ironhide isn’t very happy about the moment being stolen from him and drunk tosses Malchus onto the man.

Malchus jumps back up and charges right in front of Ironhide. Malchus draws his blade of annihilation. Ironhide draws his own sword. Rodswell gets in between them and attempts to stop the fight. Malchus stomps off to a bar and the rest disperse while Rodswell does his best reassure the town. After courteously bowing, Yenward witnesses Drakonis cough up blood and promises him not to say anything. Rodswell confronts and comforts Malchus and they all rest for the night.

The next morning Yenward buys some Health Potions and they head out to commence their plan. On the way to the patrol, they are ambushed by a half-Orc and his band of droughs. They make short work of them with some lucky crits and the only major damage is Drakonis being bloodied. After the fight they find that they were all wearing armbands embellished with white birds. Out of the bushes, Lenore the Vampire Hunter emerges. She isn’t all too disheartened when she realises that they had beaten her fighters. She invites them back to her base. They walk through the trees and find a well hidden cave, where Lenore introduces them to an old friend. A blast sends Malchus flying, and a familiar voice says, “Hi Malky.”

Episode 18

The group rejoins the story in rickey
carts in the sweltering heat, being shipped off to slavers. Trixy says she hates Galford, and he lets out a lot and that the group is destined to be together. Tholomin let’s the fact that he is a Robin Hood out, and that’s it for talking. After a few days on cart they arrive on these huge doors leading into a sandstone city. The carts smooth out on paved roads as they are lead to the back of the city and to the back of a colosseum. Then, single file, they are shoved down a ramp into a damp dungeon. Here they find 2 females and a large tiethling. Baranith greets the females and the guys unsuccessfully greet vallus. Here they learn about the town and that they are in a tournament for their freedom. After a while the group is brought out of the cell and are split up. The boys go further into the complex and the girls go to the arena. In the arena, Trixy, Tala and Baranith make short work of the eight cavemen that they face. Meanwhile Galford, Rikus and Tholomin are sent on clean up duty where Shane makes a bad choice in saying “make me” to the guard, dodges 1 attack, then gets gangbanged and loses 15 HP. He stops resisting and they throw some dead bodies into an incinerator. That’s it for day one in the colosseum, they all meet back in the cell and share stories. Tholomin tries to get some extra straw from Valus, once again unsuccessful. They have an uneasy sleep and wake up the next morning to face their next challenge. The guards escort them all to the arena for the fight. They all get ready to fight whatever or whoever comes out the gate, and when it opens, nothing appears! A few moments later it shuts. The team tries a number of checks and don’t sense anything. All of a sudden Trixy and Galford are attacked! As soon as the creature hits, it unveils the true nature of the monster. Two giant jello cubes! After at least a dozen engulfings, they manage to slay the foul beasts and are put back in cells.

Episode 4
Meat on the table

Episode 4
Starting the session in their stable, the adventures find it completely renovated. Jason explains that OverDale is having their yearly Tournament of Champions that consists of 4 rounds that get harder and harder but they would be payed handsomely and they could back out at any time. He says that Ian insisted on participating in the tournament with his four best men against them to prove his (diminishing) worth for the town. The first round is a pack of 6 wolves, and the group has little to no problem dealing with the mangy mutts. The next round is against some ‘poor, innocent, flower-giving’ orcs. The battlefield has huge death pits with ankle snatching chains that drag players to their doom. The orcs are caught by these chains more than the adventures,(Jason complains about it a lot) and the team has almost an easier time defeating them than they had with the wolves, but their hearts aren’t in it. They vow to confront the mayor about the slavery problems of OverDale. After a quick rest they decide to go on to round three after hearing that Ian had too. They fight 3 great apes that only rape and are feed entirely by hatred on a field with boiling tar and electric lines. They fail to take control of any of the apes (Nobody tries very hard anyway). After the round Tom went to make a sandwic-MEAT ON THE TABLE and they continue on to round four. They find themselves facing a giant purple wurm that loves Tyler’s dick. After swallowing him twice, the adventurers celebrate quickly because of Tyler’s job.

Episode 3: The Elven Forest
Rabid Elves

Episode 3
The group emerges from the vampire lair, the ‘group’ being Thoril and Trias, and meet up with Sir Ironhide, Sir Malchus, and Sir Duncan. They chat about Ironhide finding then eating his toaster and egg beater children.

As they approach OverDale, Ian Serverus, the captain of the guard greets them with disdain. He describes an attack by a group of elves and orders them into the woods to investigate. After they had cleaned themselves up after their long journey or vampire showdown, they leave OverDale and enter the Elven woods.

Ian leads his men down one path, leaving the group to choose another. Although he was instructed to bring them with him by the King, he wasn’t under obligation for them to investigate the forest together.

After doing many checks, the adventurers arrive in the next clearing. A bunch of rabid elves jump out and the battle begins. After a few bad rolls and slow turns including Malchus’ 1 turn KO against an elf and Ironhide’s fall. They loot the corpses for some obsidian daggers and a few spare coins.

They then find a much younger elf sniveling in the brush. He says his name is Finway, and explains that a well in the center of his tribe has been tainted. They intimidate him to the point of bawling and sobbing. He hands 2 sacks to Duncan, one filled with herbs, the other filled with rare and valuable gems. He explains that these herbs are to be used for a small ritual to purify the waters of the well once more. Finway runs off to the remaining tribe and the group find the well. They fight a few more elves and arrive at the well. There they add the herbs and fight a bear! As soon as they beat it, the episode ends.

Episode 17: A Once and Future Thing
Back to the future

After a strange and disturbing dream Malchus has, the group heal up and leave south. The ice bridge is twice as thick as before (hint hint). Without much incident, or a constant thunderstorm, they return to Camp Icebreaker to find that the camp’s population has more than doubled. Strangely enough, Jarahk is looked at with distasteful eyes; moreso than the Dragonborn, Minotaur and Tiefling. As they enter the familiar bar, the team is largely confused until the bartender briefly explains their hatred of Warforged. An apparent war that began some time ago which shocks the adventurers as well as the bartender since this is common knowledge.

The food isn’t as questionable as before and the group confronts the bartender once more. Ironhide waits outside with his handy rape whistle. Drakonis buys a large plate of grapes in the meantime. They question Larry the bartender where the two suspicious “hunters” they had seen before were. He tells them he hadn’t met or heard of any hunters of their names through all his time in Camp Icebreaker. Drakonis fears the worst, asking the year. Slightly astounded, the bartender gives an answer 17 years ahead of their “past” time. Drakonis realizes the orb had something to do with it. They argue for about 15 minutes and decide to spend a few more days traveling back to the tomb and take the orb. They safely return to Camp Icebreaker and sleep the night.

On the way to WinterHaven, they encounter a troop of Warforged with red and black scimitars embellished with curious markings alongside a monstrous Titan Warforged.


Ironhide pockets a uniform and they arrive at WinterHaven. It has grown and the wooden walls are replaced with stone walls and highly defensive guard towers. They are searched at the gate and the uniform is found. They are escorted to the town hall. There they read ‘The Last Decade’ which tells of OverDale becoming OverWatch and a propagandist image, captioned “Malchus’ folly”. At last they meet Talia and her husband, who are both shocked to see them, and her husband turns his remaining hand into a fist. Dun dun dunnnnnn!

Episode 2: "A New Day"

Episode 2:
Characters of this episode: Thoril Songsteal, Trias Draverson, Raphael (Shane), Shavar the Mage (Justin) and Adecall the Druid (Double A)

Asked to leave at arrow point, Thoril and Trias head south from Winterhaven, while on the road they complain about having to save that “Dumb robot”, refering to Shavar. The duo find a new city called OverDale.

Thoril and Trias enter the city grounds of OverDale. Most of the jobs in OverDale have been filled. Jobs like farmers, blacksmiths things of that nature are taken. The duo don’t have many skills other than being trained killers.

Thoril and Trias took refuge in an old dirty stable, the biggest place they could afford. They both get to work on cleaning up the stable to a good enough status for living.

Thoril and Trias begin to tell the town’s folk of their grandeur adventures. During a period of time, after hearing the two’s adventures, they gain great respect from the town’s folk. The duo declare themselves the “Champions of OverDale” and if anyone had problems, they would take care of it.

Thoril and Trias become gods in OverDale, everything becomes free to them, from lodging, food, drink, to free weapons from the blacksmith. Despite how well protected OverDale is, the Major decides to make them part of their town’s guard.

Thoril and Trias decide to take on three apprentices; Raphael, Shavar and Adecall. The three rookies think very highly of Thoril and Trias. They all live in the stable for six months with nothing happening in town.

One Day, the Major’s aide come to the group, about several of abducted farmers and herdsmen. The aide tells you that they have traced it back to a large cave, behind the waterfall. A group of vampires live in the cave. Despite the fact that the group is part of OverDale’s town guard, the Major is going to be generous. He will pay them 1000 gold to take care of the vampire problem and if possible, save the town’s people.

The group accept the quest and head down to the cave entrance. They enter the pitch black cave. They see an old cabin off to the side and the cave splits into three ways. One path that is straight forward, and two on either side of the first path. Trias uses one of his powers called “Sun’s Glow” to light up a very small portion of the cave that surrounds the group. Thoril scans the cave, using his awareness to spot any traps (Dungeoneering check roll: 13). Thoril sees no signs of any traps or anything of that nature directing in front of the group. Shavar also uses his scanning ability to search for traps (Dungeoneering check roll: 9) but he finds nothing. Shavar approaches the old cabin, inspecting it up and down (History check roll: low) he finds nothing.

The group decide to move on, taking the straight forward path. It takes them to another almost pitch black room. There is enough light for the group to make out three doorways, two on one side and the third at the far end of the room. The group try to open the first door on the left, only to find that it’s locked but they notice that the other door on the right is ajar. Raphael attempts to use his lock picking skills to open the door on the left (Thievery check roll: 13) .Raphael’s lock pick snaps in half. Shavar suggests that maybe he should try and intimidate the door. Thoril tells Raphael to step aside, watch and learn. Thoril takes out his lock picking kit and attempts to unlock the door (Thievery check roll: 18 or higher). The group hears a metal-like click and the door is unlocked. The group open the door and enter the room.

They are standing in a small hallway that leads into an small open room. In the middle of the room, sits a coffin with four spikes put through it. The coffin is the only visible thing in the room. Trias inspects the coffin from afar (Passive Perspection Check). Trias finds that the coffin looks like a symbol of remembrance of some one or thing. Trias also finds that the coffin is being used as more of a storage chest. Shavar suggests that they set the coffin on fire. Shavar decides to cast more light (Power: Light) on the coffin before making any drastic decisions. Light floods the coffin and a small area around it. The group now see that the coffin is coated in blood and the spikes now look like they’ve been hammered inside the coffin. They also notice a lock on the outside of the coffin. The group figure out that there must be something of value inside of the coffin.

Raphael walks up to the coffin, taking out his lock picking kit once again (Thievery Check Roll: Low ). Once again, Raphael fails miserably at picking the lock. Thoril walks up to the coffin and tries to pick the lock (Thievery Check Roll: Low). Thoril also fails at picking the lock. Both Raphael and Thoril look at each other, stumped. Raphael suggests figuring out the religion of the coffin, the rest of the group laugh at him. Shavar decides to examine the coffin in detail, scanning up and down the coffin looking for any signs that may help them (History Check Roll: 12). Shavar figures out that a vampire must of used this coffin at one point in time. Judging by huge smears of blood covering it and the spikes hammered deeply inside the coffin, he pieces together that it may have gone bad for the vampire.

Thoril takes out his huge battle axe and swings at the coffin’s lock (Attack Roll: 20). The axe makes a huge CLANG sound on the lock, which creates a spark and in turn, ignites the room. The group are taken aback by the suddenness of the fire that floods the room (Adecall, Raphael, Shavar and Trias take -5 damage). Thoril remains unaffected by the fire. After the fire subsides, the coffin has turned into a burnt mess, the lid tossed to the other side of the room but the treasure inside remains untouched. The group take the sacks of gold coins that were inside the coffin (they receive 300 gold). Shavar yells at the rest of the group, declaring that the gold is his. The group decides to move on from the room, back out of the small hallway into the previous room. The group decide to open the door at the far side of the room.

As the group approach the door, four vampire spawns (small, weak vampires) jump out of the shadows. The group get ready for battle.


After the fight, the group heal up (Shavar uses 1 healing surge, Raphael uses 4, Adecall uses 1) and reform. (Jay leaves) The group continue on to the door on the far side of the room (before they got attacked). The next room has a huge lava crevasse in the middle of it with a vampire lord and other vampires on the other side. Raphael readies himself to make the jump over the lava crevasse (Aerobatics Check Roll: 12). Raphael barely clears the crevasse, one of his feet slip and touch the lava, he screams out in pain (Raphael takes -5 damage). Thoril prepares himself to jump the gap also (Aerobatics Check Roll: 28). Thoril sprints at the gap, jumps in the air doing a triple front flip and lands safely on the other side. Adecall turns into a bat and clears the crevasse. Shavar backs up and run at the gap (Aerobatics Check Roll: 19). He clears the gap safely. Once they are all on the other side of the crevasse, the vampire lord and his minions attack the group. It seems like the group of vampires with the lord are the farmers that have gone missing.

Fight (Jay returns in the middle of the fight)

Vampire lord and spawns are dead, the group loots their bodies. It is presumed that Shavar and Adecall disband from the group and Raphael dies in the cave.

Written by Jake Mullan.

Episode 1: "Getting Started in WinterHaven"
Getting Started in WinterHaven

After days on the road with few interesting events, the group spoke with Parl Cranewing who asked them to chart the dilapidated keep on the outskirts of WinterHaven. He in return would pay 350 gold for a functional map of the interior of the keep.

Jarahk carried the whole group piggy-back down the expansive road to the keep, but encountered their first enemies when a group of rag-tag Kobolds – including the infamous slinger – ambushed them.
Because of their lack of experience, almost all of the Kobolds attacked first.


Trias searched the fallen Kobolds and noticed that one held a symbol of Orcus, the Prince of the Dead. This was peculiar as Kobolds weren’t a particularly religious race; and also fairly spooky as Orcus could be compared to the likes of Hitler.

The team tended to their wounds while Duncan sang “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon to heighten their spirits. Afterwards they continued to make their way to WinterHaven.

Once arriving at the peaceful town of WinterHaven, Duncan attempted to catch the attention of a guard he recognized, but failed because of his lack of tact and popularity.
The locals eyeballed the adventurers, which wasn’t entirely surprising since they were still covered head-to-toe in blood.

They made their way to the inn and were questioned in passing by the receptionist whether they were in town for the mission Lord Padraig had been offering adventurers.

When Duncan inquired why Lord Padraig would intrust a mission with random adventurers, she immediately backed away. She assumed that they were in town for the mission and she had over spoke. She said that if they were interested they should speak with Lord Padraig himself.

After being shown to their room, they checked for anything of interest. Nothing of value was seen.

They met Lord Padraig at his barracks, barging into his office. He was taken back by this and his guards stepped forward. He asked if they were here for his mission.
He explained the situation and Duncan started milking him for money, but ceased after being told that they would have more leverage after completing the quest.

Deflecting this, the pendant of Orcus in Trias’ pocket piqued his attention. He asked of it and learned that the adventurers had been attacked by the Kobolds, this being very concerning to begin with. Let alone Orcus also being somehow involved.
He agreed to pay 250 gold for the safe return of his daughter.

Duncan tried once more to speak with a guard and succeeded as well as he did before. He then fist-bumped the Mayor, who was caught off guard by this unusual gesture.

The Next Day

The adventurers headed out to find the Kobold lair.
As they make their way out of WinterHaven, Thoril uncovered a large, inconspicuous trap laid by yet another group of Kobolds.


After much deliberation, the drake which Thoril had, in some form, adopted was sent on his away. Jarahk made his opinion of this decision as clear as mud.
Malchus searched a nearby chest which contained a pouch of 50 gold and a rusty sword. Downstairs, movement and murmurs of “Get things ready” are heard. Meanwhile, the Kobold who was desperately attempting to use the circle had the symbol of Orcus embellished all over him.
Jarahk inspected a small well of water. Using his powers of deduction he discovered it shimmered like water and was rather wet.

As they crept down the stairs, they entered dim, decrepit barracks. With large rifts in the floor and mosses strewn across the room, this dungeon-like area had obviously been abandoned for years. They also noticed their goal: the Mayor’s daughter in the back of the room. Held captive in a large, heavy, iron cage supported by stocky chains; all suspended above an vast chasm.

To one side of the room were several slightly open doors adjacent to a much larger one. Directly in front of the adventurers stood a small horde of Kobolds. This dungeon was obviously where the majority of the Kobolds in the area had been inhabiting. They quickly spotted the group.


The Mayor’s daughter helplessly shouted at the group after they began looting the corpses of their enemies. She hurriedly stated that her name was Talia and that the pulleys were connected to a set of levers and the cage’s suspension was booby trapped. She then explained that IronTooth – one of the enemies they had just defeated – had spoken with a man by the name of Kalero [ clarification needed ] who had been leading the cult of Orcus and planned to bring Him back to the land of the living.

Duncan cruelly shook the cage and Tali shrieked and pleaded for Duncan to stop. He did so.
Shaking like a leaf, she informed the group that she was to be offered as the sacrifice for the ritual and that many of the Orcish Kobolds were away pillaging graveyards in order to find the last key to open the dimensional gate and allow Orcus to step foot in the overworld once more.

Duncan inquired whether she knew of him. She did not.
Thoril shifted to the control panel and began cautiously toggling the levers. Two movements made a wooden clunk that didn’t seem to effect the chains. The third caused a shift in one of the pulleys. A harsh, grinding of metal and sliding of chain was heard. Thoril trembled. Tali stiffened and her widened eyes shifted their gaze to Thoril.

Making use of their adventurer’s kits, they weaved their ropes around the iron bars of the cage. Tali tied a firm knot. The other side of the rope was then tied to the jail bars conveniently positioned on the opposite side of the room. They all urinated on the rope to make it allegedly stronger thanks to Jarahk’s suggestion – which turned out to be a massive myth.

With plan B set up, Thoril slid a lever, which produced a relieving clunk. Jarahk attempted to aid Thoril but failed.
The pulleys slacked and the chains released. The cage began to plummet, but the rope resisted and grew taut. The cage fell a few feet and smashed into the side of the abyss. Tali was petrified, tumbling in the cage slightly, but relatively unharmed.

The rope began to strain and the chains rushed into the chasm, tugging further down. The entire party gripped the rope, and fiercely hoisted back. Though slippery from the urine, the cage edged back up the cavern. The heavy iron scraped up the walls and along the corner. With one last pull the cage tumbled forward with Tali doing the same.

She lifted herself up, panned around the room and swiftly fell back to the ground unconcious.

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