Malchus Grimnus

Malchus is a Tiefling Warlock played by Rob


Though Malchus may appear to be a fierce warrior (and has more than proven himself in battle) he would much rather settle a dispute with words than weapons. His tastes lay more in the realm of fine drinks and finer company. Sadly, in his travels he has encountered his fair share of bigotry and fear based on his appearance. In the city of OverDale alone there are many of these accounts on record.

There are those who do not judge Malchus based on his looks though. On a trek into the Yemgar swamps to find a witch who might have the power to cure Thoril of his gripping vampirism, the group happened upon a lost little girl named Briahna. The girl had been separated from her parents and was alone in the swamp at night. The group had to take her further into the swamp under their protection to see the witch because time was a factor for Thoril. Upon reaching the witch’s house, they were told the only way to be rid of the curse before it took hold was to spill the blood of an innocent. They were faced with the decision of killing Briahna to cure their friend or letting Thoril live with this curse. Malchus was dead set against any harm coming to this girl and was prepared to fight Thoril to the death if need be. The group decided that killing a child was too high a price and escorted her back home to her village. The group and Bree have seen each other since and she has had a special connection with Malchus.

Malchus has also seen his fair share of loss as well. After Duncan Joybottom died he fell into a depressed state and indulged much more heavily in alcohol. He had blamed himself for Duncan’s death and had a very hard time letting go.

He has acted as the groups mouthpiece several times. In the treaty signing with OverDale he acted as the groups front man. This sadly ended somewhat poorly as the group was forced into a win/lose situation. They agreed to never go south into the realm of OverDale again, and in return they would be absolved of their crimes. This sat badly with many of the groups members, especially Ironhide.

Malchus Grimnus

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