Rodswell Joybottom

Rodswell is a Warpriest played by Dan


Orb of Light, an item of great power and responsibility. Irritatingly obsessed with vanquishing the undead, giving its owner holy buffs and spiteful debuffs according to their behaviour. Also it’s telepathic.


Rodswell is a human cleric warpriest and the stepfather of Duncan Joybottom.

After receiving word of the death of his Stepson, Rodswell swiftly made his way to OverDale to give his stepson a proper burial. On the way he met a Minotaur, YenWard Firestomp who joined him on his quest.

When they arrived the situation was explained by Malchus that Duncan’s body couldn’t be retrieved since he fell down an enormous chasm.

Rodswell then joined their rag tag team, most likely in tribute to his lost stepson.

He possesses Drock’s Orb of Light, an item with immense power and currently unknown dangers which speaks words only he can hear.

Rodswell Joybottom

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